LISTEN: Guided By Voices Release Three 7″ Singles–Check Out Two New Songs

Remember that new Guided By Voices album we were talking about? The one that will be out in January, made up of 21 new songs, made like the 1990s seminal albums Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes? Well, Let's Go Eat the Factory (the title of the new album) is real. And there are songs for us to finally listen to! Check out “Doughnut for a Snowman” after the jump, which Pollard calls “the goofiest, twinkliest song I've ever written.”

GBV are also releasing The Unsinkable Fats Domino / We Won't Apologize for the Human Race 7″ singles on Nov. 22 (Matador Records). Pre-order it here.

Guided By Voices – Doughnut for a Snowman by FIRE RECORDS

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