Lincoln Club of Orange County Proposes “Legalization” Path For Illegal Immigrants: Permanent Serfdom for Mexicans

In the most hilariously misguided local effort to get Latinos to vote Republican since Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina downed tequila shots in Newport Beach, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, that august group of rainmakers whose donations make or break candidates and issues, have proposed a way to end illegal immigration in this country.

It's not amnesty, mind you: the Lincoln Club wants a permanent pool of low-wage workers that can never, ever become citizens. Live and work in this country? Sure! But become citizens so they can all vote Loretta? Nope.

Hear that? That's the sound of one million laughing Latinos in la naranja.

You can read their lack of thinking here. Essentially, the Lincoln Club wants to bring back the bracero program, the exploitative agreement between the United States and Mexican governments that ran from the 1940s until a nationwide outcry over working and living conditions forced the governments to end the system in the 1960s. What's laughable, though, is that at least during the bracero program, the workers were forced to go back to Mexico for a season or so and didn't have to pay taxes–you know, because they were guest workers. Not only does the Lincoln Club want all those illegals to stay and pay taxes, they want them to stay in that sub-class for good! Nothing like cheap labor to landscape your Newport Coast homes, eh, pendejos?

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