Limited Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Private Reserve 2016 on Sale NOW!!!

Our favorite local celebrity hot sauce, Dexter Holland's ever-delicious Gringo Bandito, announced the release of its latest Private Reserve last week. This year's version is particularly hellish, derived as it is from Yellow Bhut, Yellow Moruga and Yellow Carolina Reaper peppers. Were any of them grown in a Guatemalan insane asylum?

The Private Reserve is all Dexter: scorching yet delicious, and more nuanced than you'll ever give it credit for. They have three packages for sale: the Cheapskate ($15, and it comes in a plain label, a plain paper bag, and a ribbon—that's what we were able to afford), the Just Super ($40, with a bottle with a cool custom gold-foil packaging, a spare bottle with the plain label, a certificate of authenticity, and two guitar picks, all in in a wooden box) and the Super Duper ($75 for all of the Just Super package plus a hand-numbered special box, with bottles signed by Dexter AND a special T-shirt AND a chance to win a Gring Bandito guitar signed by Dexter).

Supplies, as usual, are limited and go fast. Here's the link again—now, BUY BUY BUY!!!

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