Lime Prices Explode Due to Drug Wars in Mexico, Leading to Armed Escorts–and Robberies

You like lime on your tacos, or a wedge in your margarita? Be ready to pay more–much more.

Last month, we published a gripping story about how residents in SanTana that come from the lime-growing region of Mexico known as Tierra Caliente are helping to wage a secret war against the main drug cartel there. Though largely successful, the offensive is also waging havoc with the lime industry. Produce managers at local supermarkets tell the Weekly that they're accustomed to paying about $10 to $15 per case. Last week? $90, by far the highest price they've ever paid.

And it's only going to go up.


Lime growers have been relegated to transporting their harvest by armed guard–but even that isn't good enough. Just this week, armed robbers in Veracruz stole nearly 16 tons of limes estimated at $250,000. And with the cartels on the run, expect more.

“We've never seen anything like this before,” the produce guy said under condition of anonymity. “And it's going to get worse.”

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