Like Coyotes on Neighbodhood Cats, West Coyote Hills Developers Come Back for More

You might think Fullerton residents voting against development of West Coyote Hills in 2012 would have got through the thick skulls of their elected representatives. Silly you! When developers have their sights set on a project, it never really goes away. Oh, it may get derailed for a while, but citizens die off, more elected simpletons are distracted with shiny objects and when no one else is looking these proposed land raperies return like summer spikes in prices at Chevron pumps.


Hibbleton Gallery Owner on Coyote Hills, Chevron, Supervisorial Candidate Shawn Nelson, and James Lipton

Which brings us to tonight. Friends of Coyote Hills, a.k.a. the folks who have been vigilant in protecting the hills above Fuller-drunk, want their fellow conservationists to come out to the public study session that starts at 7 p.m. in the Community Center, 340 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton.

Why? Heh-heh, you know why.

Oh, can't make that one or want to come out for still more rousing of rabble? Then head on over to the Thursday, Oct. 22, Planning Commission hearing in the council chambers at City Hall, 303 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton.

If nothing else it will be a chance to meet new friends you can look up the next several times your city lead-turds and Chevron Corp. pavement pourers push through the stucco-ization of the last large open spaces left in North Orange County.

Remember to sign up for the potluck! OK, I'm being silly. There's no “luck” of any kind when it comes to this crap.

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