Life's a Cakewalk

It's pretty dumb to say that a certain dessert is “out of style.” We eat dessert because it makes our sad lives feel better—not because it's trendy! On the flip side, there's a new, trendy dessert I just discovered and love: pie pops!

You can find recipes on several cooking blogs, but pie pops haven't exploded onto the dessert table of every summer wedding . . . yet. The idea actually grew its legs in OC. Cakewalk Desserts owner Andrea Smetona was an avid baker and particularly interested in miniature desserts. “I saw how popular dessert tables were at weddings and parties, and I just really love pie,” Smetona admits. Cakewalk, established in Laguna Niguel in 2010, is now the most notable company associated with the treats.

It's hard not to love them because they actually look like pies, with golden-brown, crimped crusts. Some even have tiny latticing. Cakewalk will also make peek-a-boo cutouts on request, so you can see the filling through a heart or monogrammed letter. Smetona offers the typical fillings, as well as options such as créme brûlée and blackberry cheesecake. No matter the flavor, fillings are puréed to a nice, even consistency and won't drip when you bite in. She often sources her ingredients from farmers' markets, and every nut in her pecan pie pops comes straight from her family's farm in Texas; we say she coined the term Farm to Stick!

You want one now, don't you? Order in person or via the website, or purchase Smetona's cookbook, Easy As Pie Pops—but we suggest tasting the pie-pop queen's first!

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