LibroMobile, Book Cart with Affordable Tomes by Writers of Color, Visits Santa Ana TOMORROW

By Sarah Rafael Garcia

As LibroMobile launched its inaugural exhibit and literary event earlier this month, Macondistas en SanTana, featuring Macondo Writers’ Workshop attendees Reyna Grande and Emmy Pérez, it had scheduled penned a second event that's happening TOMORROW.

LibroMobile, a project of Red Salmon Arts in Santa Ana, is a bookmobile designed to cultivate diversity by offering affordable books by writers of color; bilingual and Spanish books for children, youth, and adults; as well as books that speak to culture and social justice issues relevant to the local community. LibroMobile also includes a traveling Little Free Library—a book exchange for those who cannot afford to buy a book off the shelves.

The design of the LibroMobile is reminiscent of the iconic paleteros or fruteros that are part of Downtown SanTana. LibroMobile’s literary events and creative writing workshops provide Santa Ana residents of all ages opportunities to meet award-winning writers of color and access to books not regularly found at those larger bookstores.

This Saturday—1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. September 24th—authors Rene Colato Laínez and Amy Costales come together to host a bilingual, children’s reading hour at Grand Central Art Center. Laínez will be reading from his newest title, Mamá The Alien/Mamá la Extraterrestre, a story very relevant to many in our community. A young Latina girl named Sofia finds her mother’s “alien” card and is sure her mother is an extraterrestrial. Amy Costales will feature one of her classic books, Sundays on Fourth Street/Los domingos en la calle Cuatro, reminiscing about times on Calle Cuatro before the carousel was removed and her extended family were deported out of SanTana. Both a must read for all ages—especially our city’s leaders!

LibroMobile Presenta/Presents: René Colato Laínez & Amy Costales: Hora de Lectura Bilingüe para Niños/A Bilinual Chidlren’s Reading Hour, 1:30-3:30pm Saturday, September 24, 2016 Grand Central Art Center 125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA

Descripción del Evento/Event Description: 1:30-2:00pm Tiempo para “Colorear con la Comunidad”/ “Coloring with the Community” Time

2:00-3:00pm Lectura en Vivo por los Autores/Live Reading by Authors Rene Colato Laínez and Amy Costales

3:00-3:30pm Firma de Libros y Fotografías/Book Signing & Pictures

This literary event is supported and co-hosted by Grand Central Art Center. “Coloring with the Community” is brought to you by Community Engagement ( and supported by local artist Dino Perez.

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