Libreria Martinez–Closing :-( ?

*Updated with new info on the bottom…

You know we live in dark times when a Macarthur Genius-winning mensch like Rueben Martinez has to close his legendary Libreria Martinez, the country's premier Latino-themed bookstore visited by every author from the legendary (Carlos Fuentes) to the terrible (yours truly). Am about to board a flight to Kansas City, so much more to come. Just two thoughts for y'all: hey, Santa Ana Mayor Papi Pulido: instead of allocating $1 million for a FREAKING ANTEATER EXHIBIT at the Santa Ana Zoo, howzabout helping Mr. Martinez? And Martinez landlord Orange County High School of the Performing Arts: howzabout helping out your best tenant? I ain't holding my breath…

**UPDATE: Just got off the phone with a Libreria Martinez worker. Store is selling some books at 40% off in the hopes of staving off a closure. There's still hope that Martinez doesn't shut down, but people need to start buying books–and fast.

**UPDATE: The mad genius of San Diego State, Bill Nericcio, weighs in.

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