Libre Mango Silver Tequila, Our Drink of the Week!

“This is chick tequila,” I told my pal after tasting a shot of Libre Mango Silver Tequila. I didn't mean that in an insulting way–I like chicks, for starters. But there was no other way to describe it. The chain that binds the cap to the bottle 'til a bar brawl do them part. The stylized feather logo, more Coachella afterparty than Mexican anything. The squat bottle, almost Venus of Willendorf in its allure.

And the smell–oh, what a smell. Straight-up mango, redolent of beaches, tanned chicks, and sexytimes–awesome. But as a serious drink? “Not real tequila,” I told my friend. Then I saw the rest of the bottle: a sticker that says “Non-traditional,” and another deeming it “liqueur.” And then it dawned on me: Libre is genius.


Because if you view Libre Mango as nontraditional liqueur, this is perfect: so sweet, you think you're drinking mango juice. You can barely taste the El Viejito tequila blanco, which makes this not only dangerous, but versatile. Use it in a fish glaze, as a mixer. Better yet: drink it neat, as a digestif that'll make you forsake dessert forever. And buy it, of course, at Hi-Time Wine Cellar. So kudos, Libre, for making me a believer of your mango liqueur; now, think you can do one for chile de árbol?

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