LGBT Groups Angry That Harvest Crusade's Greg Laurie is Part of National Day of Prayer

Tomorrow, the National Day of Prayer is scheduled to happen in Washington, D.C. featuring a who's who of homophobes, retrogrades, and flat-out liturgical losers. Yet the person who's gotten the attention of LGBT activists surprised that Christians don't like dem gays is Greg Laurie of Harvest Crusade.

Laurie is going to be more than just a holy roller: he's the honorary chairman of the Task Force and is scheduled to deliver a prayer at the Pentagon tomorrow morning


According to the conservative Christian Post, “homosexual activists” are targeting Laurie because he's anti-gay.

“Pastor Laurie's message is out of step with what the majority of people of faith across this country believe,” was the quote that the Christian Post got from Dr. Sharon Groves, director of Human Rights Campaign's Religion & Faith Program. “In greater numbers than ever before, people of faith are feeling compelled to speak up and organize for equality–because of their faith.”

Laurie, of course, vows to stay on and preach the gospel of love–for everyone except the gays, of course. Betcha he won't mention that one of his inspirations to become a Christian was the gay Lonnie Frisbee

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