Let’s Go to the Video: Drone Pilot vs. Drone Walking Her Dog

Sometimes it is as if every other post on this news site is slamming a cop or cops for bad behavior.

So, in the interest of fairness, let us present … ah, sorry … such bullshit.

We’re really only posting the video below because it’s funny as hell.

An unnamed Costa Mesa police officer immediately sorting out what was going on and imposing instant justice is simply a byproduct of the action caught on camera.

But hey, men and gals in blue, you’ve got to take your wins where you can get them on ocweekly.com, am I right?

What the hell is all the holler about? 

While flying above Fairview Park in Costa Mesa, a drone with a GoPro video camera mounted to it suddenly crashed into the ground.

While the drone was down for the count, the video kept rolling.

Things really start cooking with kerosene as a little dot far away from the crash scene gets bigger and bigger, as it gets closer and closer to the drone, finally revealing it to be a woman walking a dog.
(I would write “walking her dog” but given the events that follow, who knows whom the pooch actually belongs to?)

Much transpires before you get to the whip-smart cop, so stick with this video until the end.

Warning: You’re going to have to deploy “earmuffs” if you’re offended by F-bombs.

Warning II: Much visible action is recorded while the camera is sideways, so you are going to have to either tilt your head or the building you are sitting in sideways to get a right-side-up view.

Bon voyage!

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