Let Us Now Praise Del Taco's Bean-and-Cheese Burritos

The Weekly World Headquarters is at a culinarily fortuitous place–near the LAB and CAMP holdings, not that far away from Rick's Atomic Cafe, basically across the street from Wafu of Japan, and so on. But when I need a quick bite–when I'm not going to meet a source or have a pep talk with a staffer–I find myself walking down Red Hill toward Del Taco for a simple-yet-filling-and-magnificent bean-and-cheese burrito.

Let's admit it, folks: Its simple burrito–not something mucked up with guac or beef or sour cream, just beans, melted yellow cheese, and red or green sauce–is as brilliantly Mexi as Zapata. It reminds me of the burritos I grew up with: just a flour tortilla, beans redolent of the refried tang, the creaminess of the cheese . . . and that's it. The sauce? Nothing more than a slight pique of the senses. Meat? Nah. Tortilla? Just the vessel for something filling, something comforting. Del Taco should make a special so that all itl'll cost you is a buck after tax, but what are you going to do. . . .

In the meanwhile: Del Taco's bean-and-cheese burrito, the ultimate fast food, done in about a minute, about $1.07 and worth not only every penny, but also more. Love 'em, and never leave them in a pinch–POUND SAND, TACO BELL!!!

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