Leigh Steinberg, Super Sports Agent, Signs First Entertainment Management Deal with Sestito Bros.

Sports superagent Leigh Steinberg may have been an inspiration for the title character in Jerry Maguire, he definitely was a technical adviser on Cameron Crowe's 1996 film and he was a founding sponsor of the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Steinberg cut his ties with the festival a couple fests ago, but he just jumped back into the film world by signing a management deal with the award-winning Italian writer-director team, the Sestito Bros.

“I truly believe that the Sestito Bros. have the all the creativity,
talent, and especially technical skills to be A-list writers and
directors. I'm confident that they will become household names for many
years,” Steinberg said at Warner Bros. Studios as the deal was inked, according to a Leigh Steinberg Sports
and Entertainment release

Antony and Fulvio Sestito, who hail from Rome, Italy, and studied at Cinecitta
Studios and UCLA's film school, wrote and directed The Showdown, a 2006 short film that juxtaposed a baseball
game against an Old West duel. Besides many awards from film festivals and critic groups, The Showdown was honored by baseball's Hall of Fame.

According to the Steinberg company's release, the brothers are taking meetings with top studio executives regarding their two latest projects. One is the supernatural-thriller Behind the Gate, which is about a teenage boy who discovers on an American military base an
ancient gate containing the secrets behind the disappearance of the
Lost Colony of Roanoke Island in 1587. The other is the horror-thriller The Curse, which has present-day thieves waking Tutankhamen from his slumber–and everyone suffering the consequences.

This represents Steinberg's first management
agreement with Hollywood talent, as he's known best for representing more than 150 professional athletes in football, baseball,
basketball, boxing and Olympic sports. His firm has represented the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL
draft a record eight times.

However, Steinberg has had a jones for Hollywood and the movies going back before Jerry Maguire. Besides the projects mentioned before, he was a technical adviser on Any Given Sunday and For the Love of the
, and a consultant on HBO's Arli$$ (even appearing in a cameo, if memory serves).

And there's his greatest credit of all: formerly writing film reviews for me when I edited an entertainment section a thousand years ago.

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