Lego Travel Adventure

Ever dream of building something useful, imaginative and above all, cool? While most of our life paths led away from inventing new products and more toward sitting-at-a-desk-10-hours-a-day, it’s not too late to build your heart’s desire through constructing contraptions with LEGO blocks. At Discovery Cube Orange County’s latest exhibit LEGO Travel Adventure, visitors of all ages can build extraordinary vehicles capable of taking you over deserts, mountains, oceans, forests and skies. Youths can suit up as pilots, ship captains or race car drivers to get inspiration for their creations, or just come to ogle creations by LEGO Master Builders depicting historic scenes and memorable moments. People of all sizes can answer the “Travel Challenge” and build a virtual LEGO vehicle capable of taking imaginations to wild, uncharted territories.

Jan. 17-May 10, 2015

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