Legendary Frog House Surf Shop Endangered

The legendary Frog House in west Newport Beach could close due to a zoning regulation that dates back to the 1970s.

The Frog House
opened in 1962 right where it is now, but in the
1970s, the land was re-zoned for residential only. The Frog House is
one of four structures that has apparently operated outside zoning
laws ever since.

The Los Angeles Times has the crazy tale.

The Frog House
All hail Smokey.

Another law, this one passed in 2008, called on the city to take action against these “nonconforming” properties, which were also offered the option of pursuing permits that might allow them to stay put.

However, a city official tells the Times that no one was required to tell the Frog House management about any of this.

The same official adds that the Frog House can seek a
temporary extension from a city hearing officer or ask the
City Council to amend the zoning.

Sounds like some surfers better start hanging tens at City Hall.

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