Leatherby's Cafe Rouge Does 'Blue' Food for Blue Man Group

We don't usually write posts on special menus because if we did, we'd end up doing it all the time. That is, of course, unless we feel like it, especially when the restaurant figures out a way to tie-in said meals to something interesting such as the upcoming Blue Man Group performances at the Segerstrom Center, which is what Leatherby's Cafe Rouge is doing.

The $39, three-course prix fixe ($54 with wine pairings), which starts tomorrow, Nov. 8 and continues through Nov. 20 on the performance nights only, will feature “blue” foods. Yes, blue cheese and blueberries are involved.

Here's a breakdown on the meal:

It starts with the “Blue Cheese Group,” a first-course offering of pear carpaccio, stilton blue cheese, walnuts, arugula, prosciutto, fig jam and Roquefort; second-course offerings of “Blue” duck-leg confit, blueberry risotto, forest mushrooms and cider duck jus; or “The Venetian,” spaghetti al frutti di mare with pomodoro sauce. For dessert, guests can choose between the “Blueberry Cobbler Mason Jar,” with Chantilly cream and vanilla ice cream, or the “Cap'n Crunch,” bread pudding with freeze-dried blueberries and maple ice cream.  

Perhaps this will be inspiration enough for some Blue Man and Arrested Development fans to come after they blue themselves, à la our favorite wannabe Blue Man, Tobias Fünke.


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