Leaf n Cream, Boba and Ice Cream Shop, Opens In Tustin

I admit I was wrong. In more than a couple of posts here and on my personal blog, when I noticed the boba milk scene stagnating in the aughts, I prematurely pronounced that the boba milk tea craze was finally dead or dying. Even as the old standbys of Tapioca Express, Tea Station, and Cha for Tea held strong, I didn't see many new entrants for a very long time.


But perhaps I wasn't paying close enough attention after that, because over the last decade or so there has been a kind of boba resurgence with such popular shops such as 7 Leaves Cafe, Milk N Honey, BAMBU Desserts N Drinks, That Boba Place and others.

Now comes Leaf n Cream, which is located in the same plaza as Tan Hoang Huong and Kolache Factory in Tustin. But as with a lot of new boba shops these days, Leaf n Cream is, in fact, not just a boba joint; it also serves ice cream in cups, topped with cereal, and also sandwiched between macarons.

So yes, boba ain't going away anytime soon. Good news for everybody, but especially for manufacturers of those oversized straws.

14089 Newport Ave., Tustin, CA 92780, (714) 200-8453

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