Lazy Dog in Irvine to Host a Free Lunch for Philanthropists

Lazy Dog Cafe is rewarding un-lazy, um, dogs and turning them into guinea pigs. Stay with me. The soon-to-be-opened restaurant is offering a free lunch during their sneak preview at their new Irvine store on Tuesday, March 2nd to reward all “philanthropists”.

You don't have to be Bill or Melinda Gates (in which case you really don't need a free lunch, do you?) but you do have to call in (714)596-9960 and tell them why you'd like to attend. Maybe you volunteer or do charitable work?

Or if you think someone else you know is worthy of a free lunch (philanthropists aren't usually the type to trumpet themselves as such), you can nominate them by calling (562)491-1000 or e-mailing to la*****************@fr***********.com.

So what's that guinea pig part? Well, since it's their sneak preview, this lunch will also be a test run for their staff. So be sure to extend your charitable nature with your patience as well.

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