Lay's Resurrecting Sriracha, Chicken-and-Waffle, and Cheesy Garlic Bread Flavors

Remember the “Do Us A Flavor” contest that saw Cheesy Garlic Bread triumph over the two other finalists Sriracha and Chicken-and-Waffle? A woman won a million dollars for her Cheesy Garlic Bread idea, and when she did, the other two flavors were supposed to have gone away leaving her flavor to do a solo victory lap.


Well, apparently, the runners up are back to join them, and possibly for good. If it seems as though they planned this all along, think of this: when a company invests that much time and resources to produce the new flavors and develop the packaging, not to mention all the advertising, they'd be the real losers if they didn't.

Besides, now we get to taste them. Sightings of the flavors are becoming more frequent since the contest concluded. You can even buy them off Amazon for a king's ransom.

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