Lay's Introduces Sriracha As One of Three 'Do Us a Flavor' Finalists on Tuesday

Remember last August when Lay's put out a casting call for new potato-chip flavors and offered (get your Dr. Evil pinkies ready) $1 miiiiiillion for winning ideas? 

Well, the company reportedly received 3.8 million submissions, which were narrowed down to 20, and then further winnowed to these three finalists: Sriracha, Chicken & Waffles, and Garlic Cheesy Bread.


All three flavors will be released Tuesday, Feb. 12, for you to do the final tasting. Vote for the winner on the Facebook page when it comes time. 

Me? I'm rooting for the flavor I nominated: Sriracha, which I predict will triumph because, well, you don't see any stilettos, lip balm or water bottles being made in homage of chicken and waffles or garlic cheesy bread, do you?

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