Lawsuits Filed Against Black Eyed Peas in Santa Ana for Intentional Copyright Infringement

The OC Register reported that two lawsuits were filed against the Black Eyed Peas yesterday. The allegations? That the Peas copied the songs “I Got a Feeling,” and “Boom Boom Pow” from demos submitted to their record label Interscope. The lawsuits were filed in Los Angeles and Santa Ana federal courts.


The Register further states that the Santa Ana suit “copied a song written by Texas songwriter Bryan Pringle
titled 'Take a Dive.'” and turned it into the Grammy award-winning “I
Gotta Feeling.”

The second lawsuit is a refiling of a Chicago lawsuit where Ebony Latrice Batts, aka¬† Phoenix Phenom, and her producer Manfred Mohr alleges that the Peas copied their song, titled “Boom Dynamite” and presented it as “Boom Boom Pow.”

The Register says the “suits seek damages, including all profits that resulted from the two songs and all future credits and royalty payments.” Pretty steep, considering the songs in question.

We couldn't find Pringle's “Take a Dive” online, but here's Phoenix Phenom's “Boom Dynamite.” Other than the lyric “boom boom boom,” do you think it sounds anything like “Boom Boom Pow?”

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