Lawsuit: Santa Ana Policeman's Rough Arrest Breaks Man's Elbow

A federal lawsuit filed against the Santa Ana Police Department alleges an officer used excessive force and injured a man during an arrest earlier this year. Filed by attorney Andrew Weitz, Alex Anguiano's case is the latest charge of police brutality in SanTana to surface.


On the night of March 12, 2015, goes the lawsuit, Anguiano hopped into a backyard and over another fence fleeing an attempted stabbing by an unknown assailant only to encounter another with a badge. The lawsuit alleges that an officer named only as “Eric” (but whose badge number is #309) stopped and arrested him.

During handcuffing, officer Eric began “violently yanking” Anguiano's arm, “causing an arm fracture and contusions.” Lawyers claim that their client at no time posed a threat to the cop and obeyed his orders, only to get a broken elbow for it. Describing the arrest as a false one violating Anguiano's constitutional rights, police are also said to have verbally taunted him while in their custody.

Though never charged, Santa Ana police hauled Anguiano off to jail anyway. It suddenly dawned on them to take him to a local hospital, but not before another threat. “If you do not get the fuck out of my car,” another officer allegedly said, “I will fucking shoot you!”

Weitz argues that the traumatic ordeal and sustained injuries caused Anguiano to lose his job. He is suing to recover medical costs and financial losses stemming from the arm twist better suited for Wrestlemania than law and order.

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