Lawrence Baird, Pedo-Priest Apologist Extraordinaire, Now Blessing Wieners!

We've never had a chance to truly beat down Lawrence Baird, longtime pedo-priest apologist for the Diocese of Orange, because he was before our time. But his claims to infamy are legion: from calling notorious boy-lover Michael Harris “an icon to the priesthood” to living in a multimillion-dollar Balboa Island home to suing a sex-abuse victim for defamation (and losing. And having to pay her legal bill. And getting caught trying to shut up her free speech), Baird is just an overall asshole–and that's what makes him so esteemed among Orange County Catholics and fools. I mean, what other reason would a new restaurant ask him to bless their grand opening?

Yet that's exactly what a hot dog stand in Balboa asked Baird to do late last month. He's been the pastor at St. John Vianney Chapel there for years (home chapel, last we checked, to those icons of morality Kobe and Vanessa Bryant) and a presence on the island–and now you have another reason to stay away from Balboa besides the parking and snooty residents.


Behold the evidence:

I'm sure Baird has blessed more than a few wieners in his day…HA!

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