'Law and Order: Los Angeles' Already Ripping Off Orange County Crime Stories

I'm a huge fan of the Law and Order franchise–Special Victims Unit is my favorite because of hot-ass Mariska Hargitay, Criminal Intent remains a weird-ass show, the original will always live on TNT, and I even saw a couple of episodes of the UK version and liked them. The newest member of the family, Law and Order: Los Angeles, is already great, retelling versions of crimes those of us in Southern California are very familiar with, and getting the complex maze that is navigating through the area's various streets, neighborhoods, cities, and counties–of which our fair county is very much a part of.

I'm recording the series so haven't seen all the episodes, but two already stick out as blatant uncredited retellings. In “Harbor City,” the detectives deal with entitled rich kids who murder a surfer and also rape a girl and videotape it, all with the help of a pasty-faced father–Haidl gang, demand your royalty check! “Ballona Creek” is a version of the Grim Sleeper, the serial killer that haunted South-Central Los Angeles for three decades, but the story takes a detour to SanTana, where the detectives interview a victim of the serial killer. The story gave the house's address as Flower Street, but I didn't catch the exact location–given it was a nice house and a Latino family, I'd say it was Floral Park. Meanwhile, the prosecutor played by Terrence Howard pays a visit to the Orange County District Attorney's office headquarters on 401 Civic Center Drive and talked to a DA. Since there wasn't a loud, bossy, sartorially fabulous Asian woman in the office at the time, Susan Kang Schroeder can't demand SAG membership–but the assistant DA that talked to Howard's character, with her slim figure and wavy hair, was a dead-ringer for spokeswoman Farrah Emami.

Oh, and last night's story about a promiscuous golfer? Tiger Woods, wherefore art thou?

We hereby extend an invitation to Law and Order producers to Weekly world headquarters so we can share with them other crazy Orange County crime tales. All we ask for in return is to read our script about a mild-mannered reporter named Moxley…

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