Late Night Twitterpation: #pigmas Carols

Late-night Twitter is the best kind of Twitter; someone comes up with a random hashtag and the entire world gets to see just how deeply disturbed the world's collective mind is.

This evening's fun is pork-centric Christmas carols. The best ones so far, after the jump… feel free to join the fun by adding the #pigmas tag to your ideas.

@joshacagan (the originator): Fairytale of New Pork
@margie57: Sowlent Night
O Hammenbaum
@beccapiano: Because It's Christmas (For All the Chitlins)
@dreamrot: I'll be Ham for Christmas
@camusdude: I Saw Three Pork Chops On Christmas Day
@dailygluttony: Lechon Roasting On An Open Fire
@badastronomer: Good King Wencesausage
@max_bell: Sty-lent Night
@sharonjoy76: Oh Come, All Ye Fatback
@wedgex: Santa Caul Is Coming To Town
@joshacagan (again): O Little Town of Bethleham
@wedgex (again): Hamdel's Messiah

My own best contribution was “I'm Dreaming Of The Other White Christmas”.

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