Last Night: Ozzy Osbourne at the Barnes & Noble, Huntington Beach

Yes, it's true, Ozzy Osbourne did appear at Barnes & Noble in Huntington Beach last night. No, he wasn't there to stock up on Noam Chomsky tomes but to sign copies of

Seriously, though, you might have thought Osbourne was playing a live show at the book store judging by the huge crowd gathered outside to meet the self-proclaimed “Prince of Fucking Darkness.” Inside the scene was just as crazy, people everywhere in Osbourne t-shirts, MILFs who looked like they might have waited outside hsi tour bus in the '80s and now finally had a chance to meet him.


With the kids in tow, Moms made their way upstairs to the signing area. There were even babies in Osbourne attire and a throngs of teenage metal fans sporting jackets with Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, and, of course, Osbourne, metal patches. 

Looking around it was hard to figure out who brought who. Did metal kids drag their parents or vice-versa? “We love you Ozzy!” screams and people whistling Black sabbath tunes provided the night's soundtrack.

Osbourne signed away while people, autographed copy in hand, jumped up and down like they just received a million dollars or to document a life of debauchery. Yes, there's how much love for the metal god. 

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