Lalo Alcaraz to Sit Down with Gustavo This Thursday at the Fullerton Public Library

Lalo Alcaraz, the mad genius behind the La Cucaracha comic strip, the genius Obama-as-Zapata political cartoon, and too many other to mention, will grace this fair county this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Fullerton Public Library. But it won't be his usual desmadre–joining him in the Hispandering will be yours truly!
I'm now part of Cal State Fullerton's Chicana and Chicano Studies department, and it's my duty to bring an intellectual Reconquista to Orange County by bringing in notables and quotables. We got off to a roaring start last month by holding a seminar on the Alex Bernal case, and future guests will include…well, you'll have to wait, but let's just say I want to get some honorary degrees for Manic Hispanic. But for this Thursday, I promise a great conversation with Alcaraz, which will include many swipes at Know Nothings and self-serious Hispanics, both of whom populate Orange County a bit much. Alcaraz will sell his always-popular calendar; I, my books. Address is 353 W. Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton, and phone number is (714) 738-6333. See you there!

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