Lalo Alcaraz at the Fullerton Public Library Tells of Mickey Mouse Flipping Off Roy Disney!

Over 60 people went to the Fullerton Public Library last night to hear Lalo Alcaraz, the great cartoonist and occasional Weekly contributor. Instead of his usual act–a lecture in which he flips through some of his favorite editorial cartoons and offers one-liners–I proposed something a bit more sober: a discussion between he and I on his use of Chicano satire to address political issues.

The event (co-sponsored by Cal State Fullerton's Chicana and Chicano Studies Department, for which I teach) was a smash, with the only uncomfortable moments provided by Alcaraz muffling too many burps during our discussion, a result of us enjoying one too many tacos at El Camino Real minutes before the discussion. But Lalo provided many great anecdotes, gave the genesis of the cartoon to the right, and also offered a Disney anecdote I had never heard: his drawing of Mickey giving Roy Disney the bird.

Lalo couldn't remember the exact date, but he remembers the cartoon well: Mickey Mouse, dressed like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, flipping off Walt Disney's nephew as Roy pointed at him and screamed “You've changed!” The cartoon soon became a smash across Los Angeles, and Alcaraz found it taped all over.

One day, Alcaraz received a call from Disney management: they wanted to buy the original for an unnamed executive. Alcaraz told the howling crowd how he was paranoid that Disney wanted to buy the original to then claim a copyright on the cartoon, so they could sue Lalo for infringement. He had a friend pose as an assistant and call back Disney with a price: $1,000.

“Who do we write the check to,” the Disney worker replied.

Alcaraz ultimately decided not to sell the original, which he can no longer find.

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