Laguna Hills SWAT Standoff Creates Tense Moments–for All the Poor Pot Plants Inside

After a six-hour Orange County Sheriff's SWAT standoff in front of a Laguna Hills condo where U.S. Marshals had gone to serve search warrants Wednesday afternoon, authorities discovered there was no barricaded narcotics suspect inside as believed but a whole bunch of marijuana plants.

What must the ganga on Caminito Luisito been thinking?

“How are we supposed to walk out with our hands up when we're stuck in these pots?”

“And we don't have hands.”

“The guy on the bullhorn wants to know if we want pizza. Is Miracle-Gro a Dominos' topping?”

“I'd give anything to be inside Paris Hilton's purse right now.”


The Marshals had actually gone to the residence to nab three suspects. Mathew Greenberg, 34, was arrested and jailed, and an unidentified second man was arrested but later released.

 A third fellow was believed to have holed up inside. After setting up a perimeter around the condo and then bursting in around 7:15 p.m., SWAT officers discovered the suspect was gone and–hello–goddamn, look at all this pot.

In pots!

The previously apprehended roomies claim the marijuana was medicinal.

Cops figure the third man slipped away before the perimeter was nailed down.

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