Laguna Hills Company Says Its App Ends Deadly Texting-While-Driving Practice

A Laguna Hills company that creates applications for mobile and stationary telecommunications, claims to have come up with an app to solve “the deadly
texting-while-driving social epidemic.”

.'s SMS Replier Pro essentially allows a cell user to click once and any incoming calls and texts will be answered with a pre-chosen busy message. “When on the road, this can be, “I'm driving, I'll call or text you back as
as I arrive at my destination.”
There are separate messages for students in class and 25 other pre-set situations.

user base
has asked for a solution, and we have listened and responded, by
highly sought after and technologically advanced features in today's
smartphones,” says Wayne Irving
, CEO of Iconosys and co-inventor of the app, in a company statement.

Users can download the app to their smartphones via the website: The cost is $9.95, which includes free upgrades for a year.

The app is also available at many phone stores. How many? Well, SMS Replier Pro is already available
today for Android phones (HTC Eris, Cliq, Droid Incredible, Motorola
Devour, Samsung M900, G1, Hero, Desire, T-mobile myTouch 3G, Sprint
Moment, Zepplin, and the MB 300), and versions of the same app for
Windows Mobile
and BlackBerry are also scheduled for release this week.

version is scheduled to hit the market in mid-summer. Users can
pre-register for their iPhone and Palm webOS platforms at

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