Laguna Happening’s Curtis Rainbow Pleads For Funds To Avoid Auction

If you read my recent feature story about Curtis Rainbow, the brainchild of the December 1970 “Laguna Happening,” the biggest outdoor music festival in Orange County History, then you already know that he and his wife Melissa are homeless. For the past several months, they’ve been sleeping in their van in Huntington Beach. But after the vehicle stalled at an intersection on the night of June 22, police confiscated it.

Worse, says Rainbow, the owner of the storage unit where he says he has 10,000 first-edition books that he’s hoping to sell on eBay, has threatened to auction off the property unless Rainbow can come up with $2500. According to Reed, he was able to pay the owner, Curbside Self Storage of Huntington Beach, $500 to stall the auction for ten days but must pay the remaining amount by June 26—or else all those books, which Rainbow says represents his best chance at getting back on his feet, will become Curbside’s property and presumably be sold to the highest bidder.

Here’s a copy of the agreement Rainbow says he had no choice but to make with Curbside:

And here’s a link to Rainbow’s GoFundMe account in case you’d like to make a donation

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