Laguna Greeter Earns National Nod

Details is a so-so magazine, an Esquire for guys whose idea of manliness is Aaron Carter. Much better is the writing chops of editor-at-large Jeff Gordinier in his new book, X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but can Still Keep Everything from Sucking. And we love that, in his intro, he gives a shout-out to the legendary eccentric, Eiler Larsen, the Greeter of Laguna Beach. Apparently Gordinier worked at an ice cream shop a couple of feet away from Greeter's Corner, where he explains to a national audience “an old bearded gent who looks like an ancient mariner from a box of frozen fish sticks has been recruited to stand all day long in the scalding sun, waving at cars and confused pedestrians.” Gordinier got the recruitment part wrong–Larsen needed no prodding nor did his replacement, Number One Archer–but we nevertheless appreciate his plug. Now, if he could only get his employer to stop their asinine Gay or Straight feature…

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