Laguna Beach Surgeon Put on Probation After Lying About Community Service He Needed to Do. . .To Get Off Probation

A Laguna Beach orthopedic surgeon is going to be on probation for a lot longer now, after he lied about community service he said he finished for a prior disciplinary action.

Damon Alavekios needed to finish 120 hours of community service after failing to notify the Medical Board of California in 2010 about a prior misdemeanor DUI conviction. Now, he'll need to finish those hours as well as an additional 80 more as well as serve an additional three years of probation.


In 2012, Alavekios submitted an unsigned letter to the Medical Board proclaiming to be from an executive director of a nonprofit and that he had finished 110 hours worth of community service with that organization. When the board followed up on the letter, the director said that she did not write it and did not approve Alavekios' hours.

That's kind of dishonest, especially considering why Alavekios was on probation to begin with: lying on his first application for a medical license. In 2010, Alavekios submitted an application for a medical license but failed to tell the medical board that he had been convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in California in the year 2000.

Come on doctor, things are just so much easier when you tell the truth.

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