L.A. Witch Haunts The Continental Room

L.A. Witch
The Continental Room

Witchery seemed to be the theme of the night on Monday as a fog machine cast a hazy cloud of psychedelia over The Continental Room. The guitarist for Oakland’s Sugar Candy Mountain rocked a witch hat onstage and headliners with names like L.A Witch and All Them Witches made you feel like Halloween came extremely early this year. 

Goon, the first band of the night, introduced themselves with stoner rock production and off key vocals. (That were quickly adjusted in the remainder of their set but not quick enough to leave a first impression.) Their sound had Nirvana influences especially since the lead singer had a Cobain-esqe incoherent moan topped the band’s muddled pysch rock sounds. 

Another opener, Sugar Candy Mountain, energized the venue with their mix of pop and heavy rock. Ash Reiter’s especially sweet voice lulled the room into a dream like state. 

As the main act began to set up, young hipsters began to claim their spots around the stage and seasoned Continental Room veterans settled at the bar. 

The garage girls of L.A. Witch have gathered a buzz since the release of their 2014 self titled EP and are on the heels of a new EP entitled Drive Your Car. CBS Los Angeles listed L.A. Witch as one of the top bands to look out for in 2016 and a write up by Spin isn’t bad either. 

The small stage’s velvet red curtain lifted to reveal three small and edgy women stylishly rocking their instruments and creating a sound bigger than themselves. Bass player, Irita Pa, guitarist and singer, Sade Sanchez and drummer, Ellie English each had a modern Joan Jett fashion feel. Picture black leather jackets, ripped black pantyhose, tossled black hair, black eyeliner and dark lipstick. Lyrics such as “I don’t need nobody else” on “Get Lost” delivered the band’s aura of DIY independence. 

The Los Angeles trio brought an elevated feel of darkness to the already vampy decor of The Continental Room with their haunted surf rock and ’60s-sounding psychedelia. 

L.A. Witches’ reverb soaked rock, fuzzed-out vocals and badass feminine presence enchanted the audience. A woman in the crowd shouted out “You’re so fucking hot!” to singer-guitarist, Sade Sanchez who straddled a guitar that overbore her tiny frame. Sanchez giggled and continued to fill the room with sweet and haunting vocals. 

All Them Witches ended the night for those who muscled enough energy to stick around till 2 a.m. on a Monday. This four piece band elevated the night’s rock sounds with multi- layered experimental instrumentation and frontman Michael Parks Jr’s somber singing. 

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