La Voz de Aztlan Spews its Bile Anew Against Gays and Jews

One of the first stories I ever published wasn't in the Weekly but rather the Jewish Journal of Greater Los AngelesI wrote a story about a then-obscure website called La Voz de Aztlan that was bashing Jews and gays in 2001. Thus began a years-long war between myself and Hector Carreón, the website's publisher and sole author, and a man whose Orange County connection was that he worked for Buena Park for a couple of years and occasionally opines on Orange County issues.

Carreón has toned down the bile these past couple of years, as Chicano activists railed against the pendejo for his vile views and the fact Know Nothings began using his website as somehow being representative of Mexicans in this country. So it warms our heart that La Voz de Aztlan published a pro-Prop. 8 screed alleging a homosexual, California Teachers Association, AND Jewish conspiracy to turn Latino kids into homosexuals. You know someone's not right in Carreón's head when the editorial starts railing about “sapphic tendencies” and “sodomites.” We missed you, Carreón!

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