La Vita Facile (The Perfect Life)

Little does Italian cinema ever cross over to the US, but today's flick being screened at Bowers Museum as part of their Cinema Italiano series should update anyone who thinks Italy's film imports are limited to Fellini, spaghetti westerns and Isabella Rosellini. Titled The Perfect Life, this quirky comedy brings life-long friends and affluent doctors Luca and Mario to leave their comfortable lives in Rome to aid the sick and poor in Kenya. Luca takes to the change, but Mario has trouble adapting. Throw in Mario's girlfriend, who at one point was also Luca's former flame, and you get an awkward love triangle on top of its Green Arcres-esque plot. Come enjoy some foreign laughs from a movie thats worth its weight in meatballs.

Sun., May 17, 1:30 p.m., 2015

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