LA Times: A Sizzler and Subway Food Truck?!

Edwin Goei


How do we know when this whole food truck thing has officially gone off the rails? When Sizzler and Subway get into the game.

In an LA Times article today about the continuing phenomena that Kogi started, reporter Sharon Bernstein writes that Sizzler and Subway are planning food trucks, as well as some even more surprising names, such as LA's Canter's Deli, which is already serving latkes and matzo-ball soup from one.


It also points out that the real money isn't in starting a food truck; it's in building them. The article says that one truck manufacturer in Sun Valley gets up to 100 inquiries a week, up “from a dozen a week before the trend began two years ago.”

This includes calls from reps of “Shakey's Pizza, The Habit, Poquito Mas, Johnny Rockets and Koo Koo Roo”.

Taco Bell, it seems, has not jumped on the wagon…yet.

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