La Tarte Cerise Cherry Sour at Hoparazzi Brewing Company, Our Beer of the Week!

The city of #AleAHeim is home to 14 breweries, and yes, more are on the way, from large production facilities to mom-and-pop brew houses. Hoparazzi Brewing Company is one of the smaller breweries, but its list of suds rivals anyone’s in town. Tangy sours, rich porters and stouts, and light but flavorful Kölsches are among an outstanding roster of carefully crafted beers.

Hoparazzi is located on that stretch of La Palma Avenue toward Anaheim Hills that’s becoming known as Brewery Road, a beer-lover’s mecca of hops and malts. The tasting room is very comfortable, with big-screen TVs on which to watch sports and a beautiful bar made from wood reclaimed from a bowling alley. The super-friendly Lisa Perez is the owner, and the place is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays right now—so plan accordingly.

Yasgur’s Farm Saison/Farmhouse (6.8 percent ABV) is delicious! A solid, traditional Saison, with a fruity, light, clean finish, it’s a nice ale to enjoy with a slice of pizza (Out of the Park Pizza delivers to the brewery). Win-win!
Meathook’s Java Jive American Stout with Puerto Rican coffee (7.8 percent ABV) is named after brewer Steve Benlien’s friend Meathook, who visited Puerto Rico and fell in love with a mild-roast coffee that he gave to Steve—you can guess the rest. The stout alone is amazing, the chocolate not too sweet, and the results are toasty and super-rich. Add the coffee, and it’s a party!

Don’t get thrown off by Hoparazzi’s name: It specializes in sours. Not a fan of sours? Try La Tarte Cerise Cherry Sour (5.5 percent ABV)—ta-ta-TANGY! And cherry-forward! You’ll find taste buds you didn’t know existed! Most people don’t like sours because they’re not done right, but Steve and Lisa know sours—#respect

Hoparazzi Brewing Company, 2910 E. La Palma Ave., Ste. D, Anaheim, (714) 204-0655.

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