LA Register's Robin Williams Memorial Is . . . Unfortunate

The Weekly's newsroom is mourning the death of Robin Williams. We grew up with him, whether it was with Mork and Mindy for the older staffers or Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, or Jumanji for the younguns. And then there's of course his amazing dramatic work. That being said, we most likely won't be publishing a farewell, seeing how many many others have already released very, very good ones.

But that didn't stop us from noticing something off about the LA Register's goodbye. I've attached the top of yesterday's LA Reg front page to the top of this post.


..Maybe that should have let a copy editor take another look at that before sending it to the presses.

Now, to be fair, “FUN TO THE LAST DROP” is the headline to a story that does start above the fold (I couldn't include it because of computer issues), but it would have been best to change that headline completely, especially considering that Williams had dealt with alcoholism and had recently reentered a rehab program.

Now I'm going to head back to being generally sad about William's passing.

And for everyone who needs a lift, here's my favorite bit of his:

Man, that man could hydrate.

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