LA Refinery is Downtown LA’s Premiere Craft Vape Oil Company

The Lagunitas of vape oil companies – Courtesy of LA Refinery

LA Refinery is the Lagunitas of vape oil companies. Their cannabis oil tastes delicious, is recognized for its quality and makes you feel like you’re walking on summer sunshine. Although they’re not as widespread as the Petaluma-based craft beer company, it’s only a matter of time before that changes.

The Downtown LA-based artisanal oil company got its start in 2014, but crafting oil is something lA Refinery has been doing for many years. So it’s no surprise that they’re at the top of the market in terms of quality. Ryan, LA Refinery’s founder and his wife were thrust into the oil game because beloved members of their family on both sides were diagnosed with cancer.

“We were getting oils for them from other people that we knew who were producing RSO (Rick Simpson Oils, or super concentrated cannabis oils),” says Ryan. We were giving them to both of our relatives in order to help ease their pains and issues they were experiencing because of the cancer. In doing that we found quite a few people who were willing to help us out and we though that was really amazing. That’s why we started making our own: So we could help other people the way they helped our family members.”

Ryan’s background is in growing. But the science and intricate techy details involved with making oil lured him in a way growing didn’t. The knowledge he gained from growing hasn’t gone to waste. It serves as the foundation for not only producing oil, but for creating excellent oil. Every part of LA Refinery’s process is done in house, including the cultivation. According to Ryan, lot of companies outsource because they either don’t know how to do some of the steps in the oil production process or they don’t have the proper facility. The benefit of doing everything in house is that you can ensure quality, consistency and cleanliness in your products.

“By doing everything in house we understand every part of the process,” Ryan says. “What really sets us apart is our passion for what we’re doing and our passion to make the absolute best product out there. I never settle on the smallest thing. If it’s not perfect then we don’t put it out.”

Using Co2 extraction is one way LA Refinery ensures that every vape cartage is filled with pure cannabis oil. Ryan explains that their oils are basically the plant stripped of all it’s unhealthy elements and put back together in the way it was found. “We do not use any synthetics, we don’t use any food grade terpenes and we do not use any cutting agents. It’s the utmost of cannabis oil that you can find, and I know it’s one of the best out there.”

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