La Raza: Know Your Know Nothings

We appreciate, a website run by perennial conservative cucuy the National Council of La Raza that documents the going-ons of various anti-immigrant pendejos. We don't agree with their efforts to boot said pendejos off the airwaves, and do they really want to eliminate one of their top reasons for existence? And while we're excited they cover some of our local Know Nothings, the NCLR should at least get their facts right–especially when it comes to the Weekly.

For instance, the website's entry on the California Coalition for Immigration Reform claims that the activities of CCIR fraulein Barbara Coe “convinced the Orange County Weekly to once name her one of the 'scariest' people in Orange County.” While Coe is indeed frightening, she's never made our revered annual 31 Scariest People list–the closest Coe came was in 1999, when we said that dearly departed Weekly managing editor Matt Coker “went stiffer than California Coalition for Immigration Reform leader Barbara Coe’s Queen Victoria’s Secret panties” after encountering a real-life piece of crap while surfing in Huntington Beach.

Moving on to Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist, says that the Southern Poverty Law Center reported he said, “I see neighborhood armies of 20 to 40 going out and killing and invading one another.” They did–but Gilchrist made his prediction when talking to me. Proper citation, Raza, proper citation! And speaking of which, can you please note that Chris Simcox's infamous boast, “So far, we've had restraint, but I'm afraid that restraint is wearing thin. Take heed of our weapons because we're going to defend our borders by any means necessary” was first reported by the Weekly?

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