La Palma's Bulgogi House Raises Prices, Nixes Bar Menu

In a review of Bulgogi House--the sleek, new All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ and buffet in La Palma–a few weeks ago, I said that you needn't go the AYCE route.

In the last paragraph I mentioned the bar serves a great à la carte menu that includes a massive bowl of it already cooked with rice and a fried egg for only $8. But not only a fried egg, but mushrooms and onions to complement the pile of the sweet, sugary strips of lean marinated bulgogi which itself weighed in at about a pound and a half. What I also didn't have space to mention in my review was that after I ordered it, I was invited by the server to go and help myself to as many side dishes from the buffet as I wanted. This meant I had carte blanche on everything the buffet offered, including the deep fried mandoos and the chicken wings.


But alas, I was recently informed by a reader that they have since nixed the bar menu altogether. Figures. It was too good to last and there was hardly ever anyone at the bar to enjoy it. Everyone who went to Bulgogi House was there for the AYCE.

And there's a bit of news on that front as well. The basic weekday lunch price, which was $14.99 per person before, has now been raised to $16.99. The Premium AYCE meal price has gone up from $26.99 to $28.99.

At this Disneyland of Korean BBQ's, it's still less than the $3 additional that the real Disneyland recently upped its admission price to, but still…

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