Kristoffer B. Domeij, Fallen Army Ranger and Santa Ana Native, is Praised and Damned

The death by roadside bomb of Santa Ana native and Army Ranger Kristoffer B. Domeij has drawn two very different reactions.

Controversial conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart's Big Peace site wonders if Domeij's death proves the U.S. military is spread too thin asĀ  he was on his 14th combat deployment.

Then there's the Global Black Alliance and Blacks Against White America, which issued a joint statement (via black liberation advocate Creaux Steel's ShittyCops blog) “expressing relief” at “terrorist” Domeij's death.

“Spit belongs on the flag covering his casket & urine belongs on his grave,” claims Global Black Alliance.

“We know he is survived by a wife and two daughters. But mourn not for
them. Remember, his wife is a supporter of White Racial Terrorism (WRT)
and global Western imperialism,” adds Blacks Against White America. “And although his daughters will
certainly grow to embrace his racially terroristic values, at least
without him they might stand a chance of acquiring human values.”

The outrageous statement continues, “Domejj
was no hero. He was a warmongering racial terrorist who supported the
oppressive agenda of white America, the West and illegitimate Israel.
The world of color and all those who value justice and freedom should
rejoice in his death.”

By contrast, the headline on the Associated Press story on Domeij's death posted on Big Peace by Sun Tzu and comments under it are the only examples of opinion coloring the coverage.

Sergeant 1st Class Domeij, 29, who enlisted several months before
9/11, had served in hundreds of missions, including four tours in Iraq and 10 in Afghanistan. He was part of the initial ground force that toppled Saddam Hussein's regime and on the Army Ranger team that famously rescued Pfc. Jessica Lynch from her Iraqi captors in 2003.

He was killed Saturday when an IED exploded in the Taliban heartland of Kandahar province, where 1st Lt. Ashley I. White, 24, of
Alliance, Ohio, and Pfc. Christopher A. Horns, 20, of Colorado Springs,
Colo., also perished. Domeij was awarded two Bronze Stars for his service and will be
awarded a third Bronze Star posthumously, along with the Purple Heart,
according to the Army Special Operations Command.

Col. Mark W. Odom, commander of the 75th Ranger Regiment based at Fort Benning, Ga., said in an Army
statement that Domeij was a “game changer” who “had the value of an
entire strike force on the battlefield.”

“He was one of those men who was known by all as much for his humor,
enthusiasm, and loyal friendship, as he was for his unparalleled skill
and bravery under fire,” added Lt. Col. David Hodne, commander of the regiment's 2nd
Battalion that included Domeij. “This was a Ranger you
wanted at your side when the chips were down.”

He is survived by his wife and
two daughters. Domeij had requested that family members not speak to the
media were he killed, so the Mrs. apparently won't be responding to the black liberation rant against her, her husband and her daughters.

In the recent past, the Global Black Alliance has praised Somali pirates kidnapping white people, the melanoma spot on John McCain's face and the rape of television news reporter Lara Logan. Blacks Against White America has praised tornadoes striking white communities, condemned hero worship of NFL star-turned-fallen soldier Pat Tillman and called GOP presidential candidate and African American Herman Cain “a house nigger” and “Uncle Tom.”

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