Korean Pizza Giant, Mr. Pizza, Opens in Buena Park

By now you should be familiar with the concept of Korean pizza with purveyors such as Love Letter in our midst. Now a giant of the genre has opened in Buena Park. Mr. Pizza is to pizza in South Korea as Pizza Hut is to pizza here. They boast over 400 domestic stores, 60 in China, and are expanding in the U.S. (the Koreatown branch in LA has been popular for years).


There are pizzas with potato wedges, bacon, and mayonnaise. There's corn. There's galbi. There's even a pizza with shrimp and olives.

Our favorite YouTubers in Korea, Eat Your Kimchi, did a segment of it way back in '12, but have warmed up to it a bit since then.

5471 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90621

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