KoKo Chicken and Barbecue Opens in Garden Grove

Originally from Buena Park, KoKo Chicken and Barbecue has opened a second location in Garden Grove, joining Chicken Plus in the city's catalog of Korean fried chicken joints. As Korean fried chicken is usually made, Koko Chicken and Barbecue fries its chicken twice, which separates the skin from the meat and creates juicy, textured bites. Best of all, they fry the hens to order, so each batch of wings or fingers is served hot and fresh.


Koko Chicken and Barbecue is designed for patrons to wind down, where soju and beer are encouraged with every order of chicken and complementary shredded cabbage. Add a side of their addictive fried jalapeƱos and ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes) and you have one of the best greasy meals to have on a Friday night in Garden Grove.

KoKo Chicken and Barbecue's new location is at 9732 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove.

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