Kody Tran, Barred from Irvine Home, Breaks in and Offs Himself

A man barred from an Irvine home due to a “domestic issue” barricaded himself inside Thursday afternoon and, with police outside, shot himself to death with a gun he is believed to have stolen from a friend. Kody Tran, 44, had been the subject of a restraining order sought on Monday due to “criminal threats.”

Indeed, Tran had a hearing on the matter scheduled for July 27.

He won't be attending that.

Though being barred under court order to stay away from the home on Snowberry, Tran broke a window to gain entry and remained barricaded for hours as Irvine officers who arrived shortly after 1:20 p.m. closed off the street.

Forty minutes later, cops heard a gunshot.

Tran informed police he had fired the round, but the back-and-forth communication later ended before a second shot rang through the sleepy neighborhood.

He was discovered inside the home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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