Regardless of what side of the aisle a person sits on, politicos have to agree that former New York Mayor Ed Koch was a fascinating and complex character. At the very least, questions about his sexuality, for some odd reason, provide enough fodder to flesh out a two-hour documentary. Head down to the Art Theatre in Long Beach to catch a showing of the Neil Barsky-helmed flick Koch, which takes a look at the three-term mayor who described himself as a “liberal with sanity” and campaigned in the crumbling streets of 1970’s New York where he dared to ask the man on the street, “How am I doing?” Conservatives will argue the answer wasn’t important to Koch, but many credit him with turning the tide against crime in the Big Apple and making it a desirable destination once again for tourists and residents alike.

Sun., March 31, 11:45 a.m., 2013

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