Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's Divorce is Said to be Off for Reals This Time

Without putting anything Vanessa Bryant said in quotes or context, TMZ.com reports her saying her divorce from Black Mamba is off.

If this is true, perhaps the former Vanessa Laine of Huntington Beach is still feeling the glow of having unloaded one of three Newport Coast mansions she got in the d-i-v . . . I mean . . . trial separation for a cool $3.2 million.

TMZ reasons the on-again, off-again couple drew even closer together after a Hurricane Sandy benefit back east.

Then again:

June 2012: Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Divorce Off?

A hint that the Bryants may have really patched things up can be found in a family Christmas portrait that shows them with their two girls looking happy to be there–as of that photo being snapped.

You can navigate to the photos on Vanessa's @LadyVB24 Instagram. There's also her just-referenced Instagram message where she reiterates to critics that she and Kobe remain in a “partnership.”

Go succeed on the other court, Kobe. Actually, you're doing fine, everyone else you may need to divorce.

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