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In what shouldn’t surprise anyone, the cost of a day at Disneyland is way more expensive than a day at Knott’s Berry Farm, according to a new survey.

More eye-opening in the report from vacation-planning website Home-ToGo ( is that the Buena Park theme park is the most affordable theme park in California. Home-ToGo’s California Theme Park Index is based on the average costs each member of a family of four would pay for parking, admission tickets, meals and overnight lodging on June 1. Added in is the flat parking fee for each park.

The average Knott’s stay is pegged at $129 per family member, while it’s $249 for either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. Amazingly, there is a theme park in the state with an even higher average than the Anaheim industry trend-setters: Universal Studios Hollywood, which would set each family member back $290.

That’s largely thanks to hotel or motel rooms in Los Angeles near Universal Studios costing an average of $430 per night. At an average of $130 per night for all four family members, overnight lodging near Knott’s is the least expensive among the theme parks in the state. For Disney’s Anaheim parks, it’s $230. The highest hotel rate in the state is $600 near California’s Great America theme park in Santa Clara.

However, when it comes solely to admission, that Bay Area attraction has the cheapest ticket in the state at $40, according to the survey, which has the Disney parks being California’s most expensive at $149 each.

At $20, the parking pass at Knott’s is among the most affordable in the state.

If your family is on a Knott’s budget, but you want to venture to other California theme parks, the next two most affordable are Six Flags properties: Discovery Kingdom ($138) in Vallejo and Magic Mountain ($196) in Valencia. But Six Flags Discovery Kingdom also has the most expensive parking in the state at $30.

None of the Orange County theme parks topped a separate Home-ToGo list that is based on thrills. Six Flags Magic Mountain is the most thrilling theme park, according to the vacation planners, who have California’s Great America second and SeaWorld at No. 3.

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  1. We love knotts berry farm, we are season ticket holders. Everything is so affordable for us, Disneyland is way to over priced and so crowded you can’t even enjoy yourself for the money you spend on entering the park. We will remain a knotts berry farm family !

  2. A Knott’s pass is the best bargain EVER. With refill cups $30 and Food Plan $100 good for the entire season the savings is further compounded. The locals will get the season pass just to go into the park and eat for the year saving thousands of dollars if used even a few times a week. Also, if you get the Platinum pass it’s good at any Cedar Fair park, parking is included and you get 20% off anything you purchase in the park. An additional note is that the kids platinum pass is priced lower than the adults so it’s best to get the platinum pass for the kid and the Gold passes for the adults. Note that the pass holder with the parking has to be in the car.

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