KLOS Announces Comedy Store Benefit For California Fire Victims

This past week California was hit with some of the  worst fires in modern state history. These infernos raged at both ends of the state, they were deadly and apocalyptic. Over the past few years, drought has made certain areas in California fire-prone. The loss of life and property as a result of the sea of flames has simple been unreal. We’ve all heard about the ongoing NoCal tragedy that’s taken place in Butte county. As of last night, the death toll has risen to 63, while another 631 are unaccounted for. There are also two fires in SoCal that we’ve been dealing with. These fires were also deadly, 3 dead; and over 500 structures destroyed so far. It’s caused tens of thousands of residents to flee their homes. Animal displacement has also been reported and an unbelievable clip.

One thing we tend to do at times of devastation, we turn to things that help us breathe, metaphorically speaking of course. We often turn to radio or television personalities to help us in getting much needed information. As for radio; sure, we tune in for information, but the DJ’s often mix in some light humor to help us cope with tragedy. Sadly, we recently found out that one of our “go to sources” morning DJ,  Frank Kramer, of the Frosty Heidi and Frank Show at 95.fm KLOS was a victim of the fires. Frank and his family lost their home in the Woolsey fire. We often say that things only get real when it happens to us, or to someone we know. The thing about Frank, he’s become a friend to countless listeners of the station. By proxy, they feel his loss, and the challenges he and his family are going through.

A good reason fans feel for Frank is that he’s proven to be a very down-to-earth guy; and over the years, he’s developed into one of radio’s most outspoken, quick-witted, and funny morning show hosts. What stands out about him is witnessed at station events. He’ll talk and hang out with listeners for hours at a time. He’s literally that guy you can see yourself having a drink with, that’s something you just can’t fake. KLOS recognizes what Frank means to their listeners, and equally, they recognize their obligation to Southern California communities. Over the years the station has been moving towards a lifestyle brand of radio. They feature the music you expect to hear at a classic rock station, but they’ve also extended their reach to other rock genres. Fortunately,t hey haven’t lost sight of the impact they can have, and the responsibility that comes with it.

So, what to do? KLOS teamed with the Comedy Store to put on an event that will help.  The event is called The Comedy Store Festival. The show is Saturday, December 15 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.  The event will be hosted by Fraser Smith and Dr. Drew. All proceeds will benefit the      California Fire Foundation (supporting California fire victims in need), as well as the Comedy Store’s Comedian Assistance Fund.  On the Main Stage: Marc Maron, David Spade, Iliza Shlesinger, and Bobby Lee. On the Rooftop Stage: Greg Fitzsimmons, Fahim Amwar, Byron Bowers, Candice Thompson, and Annie Lederman. Since it’s a KLOS event, you just never know just who else might show up.

Honestly, it’s a very weird time we live in, but one thing remains true… as people, we are at our best when things are at their worst. Bottom line, good people make good places, and SoCal has lots of good people. KLOS, The Comedy Store and you can be part of helping out the victims of this tragic event. Go to the KLOS website for details on how you can help, tickets to the show go on sale today.

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